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About Us

Since our inception in 1977, AarKel Tool and Die Inc. has taken pride in making complex jobs look simple. From our humble beginnings, we have gone on to assemble the industry’s most talented technicians and engineers, staffing many different sites and providing support through every step of the process. We provide our customer’s confidence in our design solutions, value, quality, delivery, part launch and program support. We take tomorrow’s problems and find solutions today.
From our client’s perspective - it’s just simple. We are globally dispersed; an arms-length from the major manufacturing hubs in the market. But to many of our clients, we are right next door. In our world, we know that the difference between profit and loss is measured by millimeters and seconds. Because of this, we have fused size and agility, scaling our systems to handle the biggest jobs or quick one-offs.
Our ratio between value and capability goes unmatched, and we are upfront every step of the way. We make it clear for the customer - adopting their problems as our own and providing engineering solutions that we stand behind. Under the surface we have weaved a system of processes, skill sets, and experience, forming a dynamic manufacturing enterprise that continues to rival any other player in the game.
But from the outside - it’s precision, simplified.